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Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) Fibre Optic Cabling (CNCIF)

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Detailed Course Outline

Safely Working with Fibre/General Safety

  • LED, VCSEL, laser safety
  • Fibre preparation hazards, disposal of sharps
  • Hazardous substances
  • OSP safety, pits, gas detection

General safety Network Overview

  • History of fibre
  • Advantages
  • What is a network?
  • Benefits of a network
  • Topologies
  • Why a network?


  • Cable construction
  • LED, VCSEL, laser sources
  • Switches, routers, media converters

Theory of Light Transmission

  • Optical windows
  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Transmission
  • Media choice


  • Construction
  • Choice of cable
  • Installation practices
  • Patchcords


  • ODF
  • 19” Splice tray
  • Slack fibre management, protection, patch field
  • Standards
  • Standards bodies BSI, ISO, CENELEC, TIA/EIA
  • Classifications
  • Application distances
  • Connectors
  • Connector types
  • Functionality
  • Density (SFF)

Outside Plant (OSP)

  • Fibre backbone in the LAN
  • Hardware
  • Media choice

Fibre Splicing

  • Safety
  • Fusion slicer set up and operation
  • Singlemode programs
  • Multimode programs
  • Slicing in patch panels

Fibre Termination

  • Safety
  • Pigtail manufacture
  • Techniques, cold cure, mechanical splice, fusion splice
  • End-face inspection techniques

Fluke CCTT (Fibre)

  • Tier 1 fibre certification (CertiFibre® Pro)
  • Tier 2 fibre certification (OptiFibre® Pro)
  • Encircled Flux (EF)
  • End face inspection
  • Set a reference
  • OTDR event types
  • OptiFibre® Pro link testing

There are a number of individual practical activities and assignments leading to a group installation project.


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