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Certified Data Centre Energy Professional (CDCEP) - Core Unit (CDCEPC)

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Detailed Course Outline

Core Unit

Need for Energy Efficiency?

  • CO2 Emissions issues
  • Impact of increased energy demand
  • Data Centre constraints

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • How a data centre can benefit from CSR
  • Implementation of ISO 26000

Energy Audits

  • Understanding the benefits of an energy audit
  • Energy audit process
  • Primary audit environments
  • Actions to improve energy efficiency

Energy Evaluation

  • Understanding energy consumption
  • Identification of areas of concern
  • Evaluation and Modelling sources

Achievable Expectations & Energy Forecasting

  • Achievable expectations
  • Adoption of industry best practices
  • Analysis and calculations
  • Forecasting growth

Energy Metrics

  • Need for metrics
  • Deploying the correct energy metric
  • Current industry metrics
  • New proxy metrics

Capacity Reclamation

  • Understanding design parameters
  • Importance of the four key constraints
  • Decommissioning
  • Capacity Management

KPIs & Metrics

  • Defining KPIs
  • Selecting and preparing KPIs
  • KPI measuring models

Business Continuity

  • Business continuity considerations
  • Site selection considerations
  • Energy efficiency considerations

Energy Strategy

  • Energy Efficiency Policy
  • Energy Efficiency Strategy
  • Energy Action Plan & Management Review

Energy Efficiency Plan

  • Planning the energy efficiency plan
  • Implementation of the energy efficiency plan
  • Continual measuring, monitoring and reporting
  • Initiation of action plan and approval

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