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Certified Data Centre Audit Professional (CDCAP) - Core Unit (CDCAPC)

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Detailed Course Outline

CDCA Core Unit

The Business Needs

  • Appreciate why audits are an essential business requirement
  • Understand the importance of defining the current business needs
  • Appreciate the need to define what the business actually has
  • Understand the business (C Level) against operational perceptions
  • Ascertain whether the business understands their tier rating and that it actually meets the business need

Scoping the Audit

  • Appreciate why audits are an essential business requirement
  • Understand the impact of business Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Understand the business direction and the importance of identifying the key stakeholders
  • Understand the interaction between the key stakeholders and the operational Data Centre departments
  • Appreciate the factors to be considered when formulating the audit scope
  • Appreciate applicable supporting standards, regulations and industry best practices

Establishing the Audit Process

  • Appreciate the need to understand the present capability against the business perception
  • Appreciate the business expectations with the need for a continuous commissioning process
  • Be able to define the framework of the audit process
  • Understand the need to undertake an audit risk analysis process
  • Be able to identify the audit lead and team requirements

Performing the Audit

  • Appreciate the need to undertake documentation review
  • Appreciate the impact of Regulatory requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Appreciate the operational and environmental structures within the Data Centre structure
  • Understand the key audit areas, the audit expectations and implementation of test sequences

Analysis and Recommendations

  • Appreciate the need to evaluate the audit findings against the operational requirements of the business
  • Identify the gaps in the operational capability
  • Understand the need to evaluate policies, processes and procedures against business expectations
  • Appreciate the need for operational documentation accuracy
  • Appreciate the assessment of equipment against lifecycle costs, ROI and TCO
  • Identification of business risks, operational weaknesses and areas of inefficiency

Action Plan and Reporting

  • Understand the need to determine how the site measures up against the recognised industry best practices that are considered to be appropriate by the auditor
  • Understand how to assess the recommendations and formulate the supporting action plan

Measuring and Monitoring Progress

  • Appreciate the importance of establishing an accurate baseline
  • Appreciate the importance of establishing a structured measuring and monitoring strategy
  • Appreciate the appropriate use of metrics
  • Appreciate the need to re-evaluate the Action Plan

Follow on Actions

  • Appreciate the need for forward planning
  • Appreciate the actions to align the Data Centre assets following the audit process
  • Appreciate the need to review and align skill-sets
  • Appreciate industry guidance and accreditations

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