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Deploying Advanced Cisco Wireless LANs (WDAWL)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Client Mobility Between Subnets

  • Understanding same subnet roaming
  • Understanding Inter-subnet mobility
  • Identifying Advanced Mobility Issues

Module 2: Network Efficiency

  • Configuring Quality of Service
  • Implementing Video over Wi-Fi
  • Implementing VideoStream In A FlexConnect Deployment
  • Integrating the WLC with MS Lync SDN

Module 3: High Density Deployment Challenges

  • Understanding the Effects of Client Density on a Wireless Network
  • Planning for Areas of High Client Density

Module 4: Introduction to Mesh Networks

  • Describing Wireless Mesh Networks – Overview
  • Implementing Wireless Mesh Networks – Overview

Module 5: Wireless Guest Networks

  • Providing Advanced Guest Access
  • Local Policies and Client Profiling
  • Implementing Cisco CMX Visitor Connect

Module 6: Wireless High Availability

  • Describing Wireless High Availability
  • Enhancing Wireless High Availability

Module 7: Implementing IPv6 Support

  • Configuring Clients for IPv6
  • Configuring the Infrastructure for IPv6