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Deploying Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (WCMX)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: CMX Overview

  • Identifying Required CMX Components
  • Describing CMX Capabilities
  • Examining Basic Location Concepts (Location 101)

Module 2: Onsite Visibility and Control

  • Describing the Effects of AP placement on Achievable Accuracy
  • Examining the Impact of Client Behavior on Location Capabilities
  • Differentiating Cisco Client Location Methods
  • Using the CMX Dimensioning Calculator

Module 3: Onsite Analytics

  • Describing the Analysis Process
  • Using the Analytics User Interface
  • Performing Site Analysis (Presence)

Module 4: Interactive Onboarding

  • Implementing CMX Visitor Connect
  • Implementing CMX Facebook Wi-Fi
  • Using the CMX Dimensioning Calculator

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