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Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 1 (SPNGN1)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: IP Fundamentals
  • Defining Functions of Networking
  • Introducing TCP/IP Layers and the OSI Reference Model
  • IP Addressing Overview
  • Explaining IP Addressing and Subnets
  • Describing the TCP/IP Transport Layer
Module 2: Basic LAN Switching
  • Understanding Ethernet
  • Connecting to an Ethernet LAN
  • Using Switched LAN Technology
  • Operating a Cisco Switch
  • Performing Switched Network Optimizations
  • Troubleshooting Switch Issues
Module 3: Basic IP Routing
  • Exploring the Functions of Routing
  • Introducing Cisco IOS XR Software
  • Implementing Basic Routing
  • Implementing EIGRP
Module 4: Connectivity Technologies
  • Describing Access Technologies
  • Introducing Service Provider Access, Edge, and Transport Technologies
  • Enabling the WAN Internet Connection
  • WAN Encapsulation
  • Introducing VPN
Module 5: Network Management and Security
  • Collecting Network Device Data
  • Configuring Network Management Tools
  • Explaining Network Security
  • Understanding Switch Security
  • Understanding Cisco Router Security
  • Implementing AAA

Verify Host IP Configuration
Define IP Subnets
Configure Cisco Switches
Configure Basic Router Configuration
Implement Internet Connectivity
Configure Data Link Layer Encapsulation
Configure Network Management Tools
Secure Network Devices
Configure AAA