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Cisco ONS Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) SONET Release 9.2 (SONET)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Cisco ONS 15454 and 15310 Product Overview
  • Introduction to SONET
  • Safety in ONS Systems
  • Optical Fiber Practices
  • Cisco ONS Documentation
  • Cisco ONS 15454 MSPP Shelf Layout and Components
  • Cisco ONS 15310 Shelf Layout and Components
  • Cisco ONS 15600 Shelf Layout and Components
  • Cisco ONS System Setup and Login
  • Timing for SONET
  • Cisco ONS Protection Groups
  • Point-to-Point and Linear Add-Drop Multiplexer Configurations
  • Cisco ONS Circuits and Cross-Connections
  • Cisco ONS Path Protection Rings
  • Cisco ONS Virtual Tributary Tunnels and Circuits
  • Cisco ONS Line Protection Rings
  • Cisco ONS Path-Protected Mesh Network
  • Maintenance and Performance Monitoring
  • Loopbacks in Fiber, Copper, and Coax
  • Introduction to Ethernet
  • Cisco ONS Multiservice over SONET Applications
  • ML1 Cards and Rapid Protection Data Ring
  • ML2 Cards Aggregation and IEEE RPR Ring
  • Bridge-and-Roll Circuit Feature
  • Introduction to ADM10G Card
  • Protection in the ADM-10G Subnetwork
  • Circuits in the ADM-10G Subnetwork
  • Delete a Line-Switched Node
  • Add a Line-Switched Node


  • Cisco Transport Controller Setup and Login
  • Configuring SONET Timing
  • Setting Up Protection Groups
  • Provisioning and Testing a Point-to-Point Network
  • Creating Manually Routed DS3 Circuits
  • Creating a Path-Protected Ring
  • Creating VT1.5 Tunnels and DS-1 Circuits
  • Creating a Two-Fiber Line-Protected Ring
  • Creating a Path-Protected Mesh Network
  • Creating and Testing Ethernet Circuits
  • Creating ML1 Card Rapid Protection Data Ring
  • Installing Ethernet Aggregation Using CE Cards and ML-MR-10
  • Creating 802.17 RPR Using ML-MR-10
  • Bridge-and-Roll Circuits
  • Setting Up SONET Links to ADM-10G with Protection
  • Configuring Circuits in ADM-10G Subnetwork
  • Deleting Line-Switched Node
  • Adding Line-Switched Node
  • Troubleshooting Lab

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