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Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance (PCA)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance
  • What Is Unified Communications?
  • Managing Unified Communications
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Overview
Module 2: Assuring Serviceability Using Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance
  • Getting Started
  • Device Management
  • Fault Management and Monitoring
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Reports
  • Notification Services
  • Fine-Tuning of Polling and Threshold Settings
Module 3: Assuring Call Quality Using Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance
  • Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Reports

The lab outline is as follows:
Lab 1: Getting Started
Lab 2a: Preparing Assurance for Initial Use
Lab 2b: User-Defined Device Groups
Lab 3: Fault Management and Monitoring
Lab 4: Diagnostic Tests
Lab 5: Reports
Lab 6: Notification Services
Lab 7: Custom Polling and Threshold Settings
Lab 8: Managing Call Quality


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