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Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Cisco Industrial Networking Solution

  • Cisco Industry-Specific Solutions
  • Networking Features
  • Switching Platform
  • Routing Platforms
  • Configuration and Management Tools

Module 2: Industrial Network Design and Connections

  • Network and Control Designs and Drawings
  • Describing Industrial Networking Deployment Considerations

Module 3: Installation

  • Cabling Installation and Testing for Industrial Networks
  • Installing the Switch or Router

Module 4: Deployment

  • Initial Switch or Router Parameters
  • Layer 2 Switch Parameters
  • Layer 3 Switch Parameters
  • Configuring Industrial Ethernet
  • Installing End-Point Devices
  • Cyber Security

Module 5: Maintenance

  • Maintenance Tasks for Industrial Infrastructure Devices
  • Monitoring End-Device Operations
  • Cisco Configuration Files and Software Images

Module 6: Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring System Status
  • Troubleshooting Layer 1-3
  • Troubleshooting with Vendor Support


  • Platform Discovery of the Cisco IE 2000, IE 2000U, and IE 3000 Series Switches, Cisco 2520 Connected Grid Switch and Cisco 2010 Connected Grid Router
  • Interpreting network and control designs and drawings
  • Configuring Initial Switch Parameters
  • Configuring Layer 2 Switch Parameters
  • Configuring IP and DHCP
  • Configuring PTP
  • Configuring CIP
  • Configuring Switch Security
  • Configure SSH and HTPPS
  • Performing IE Switch Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Layer 2 Network Issues
  • Troubleshooting Control Issues

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