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Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 4.0: Operation and Administration (IACOA)

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Detailed Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:
Module 1: Cisco IAC Architecture and Initial Configuration Overview
Module 2: Managing and Adjusting Provisioning Resources
Module 3: Tenant Management
Module 4: Optional Configuration and Setup Steps
Module 5: Virtual Data Center (VDC) and Server Provisioning and Management
Module 6: Error Remediation
Module 7: System Health and Resource Monitoring

The lab outline is as follows:
Lab 1: Instructor-Led Demonstration of Cisco IAC
Lab 2-1: Adjusting Default Frequency of Scheduled Jobs
Lab 2-2: Discovering and Registering New Provisioning Resources
Lab 2-3: Defining a Network Pod
Lab 2-4: Adding IP Address Range and Excluding Addresses
Lab 2-5: Defining Connections to OpenStack Technology
Lab 3-1: Bringing New Organizations Onboard for Existing Tenant
Lab 3-2: Adjusting Default Billing Rates
Lab 4-1: Updating Standards
Lab 4-2: Configuring Approval
Lab 4-3: Configuring a Person-Lookup Event
Lab 4-4: Coding Custom Style Sheets
Lab 4-5: Registering New Virtual Machine Templates with Billing Rates
Lab 5-1: Creating Virtual Data Centers for New Organizations
Lab 5-2: Creating Virtual Machine Bulk-Order Requests as Virtual Server Owners
Lab 5-3: Exercising Server Management Options
Lab 5-4: Comparing Portal Information Views by Roles
Lab 5-5: Removing Virtual Data Centers
Lab 6: Forcing Multiple Errors, and Troubleshooting and Remediating Errors
Lab 7-1: Running Service Portal Health Check
Lab 7-2:Changing Health Check Schedules for Device Types
Lab 7-3:Reviewing Run Rates
Lab 7-4:Reviewing Monitoring Portals


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