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Cisco Explorer Controller (EC) Intermediate Training (ECI)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Cisco Explorer Controller Interfaces and Networking Verification
  • Explorer Controller Components and Interfaces
    • Explorer Controller Interfaces and Ports
  • Verifying Explorer Controller Networking
    • Suggested Verification Process for Explorer Controller Communication
Module 2:Cisco Methodology for DBDS Verification
  • Basic Troubleshooting Principles
    • Six Steps of Troubleshooting
    • Discussion Questions
  • Using the Cisco DBDS Verification Methodology
    • Doctor Report First!
    • Cisco DBDS Methodology for Verification
Module 3: Verifying Broadcast Services
  • Broadcast Services Process and Required Conditions
    • Broadcast Services Process-Acquisition to Delivery
    • Four Required Conditions for Broadcast Services
  • Verification Process for Broadcast Services
    • Suggested Verification Process for Broadcast Services
Module 4:Verifying Pay-per-view Services
  • Pay-per-view Types and Required Conditions
    • Pay-per-view Definitions and Device Categories
    • Five Required Conditions for Pay-per-view Services
  • Investigating Pay-per-view Sub-Processes
    • Pay-per-view Services Process-Advertising to Delivery
    • Sub-Process 1: Billing System Sends Event Data to EC
    • Sub-Process 2: EC Sends Event Display Information to Set-tops
    • Sub-Process 3: Event is Requested, Authorized, and Viewed
    • Verification Process for Pay-per-view Services
    • Suggested Verification Process for Pay-per-view Services
  • Verifying Sub-Processes 4 and 5, If Needed [OPTIONAL]
    • Verifying Remaining Interactive Pay-per-view Sub-Processes
    • Sub-Process 4: Interactive Pay-per-view: EC Requests Purchase Data from Set-top
    • Sub-Process 5: Interactive Pay-per-view: Billing System Retrieves Purchase Report from EC
Module 5:Data Synchronization and Recovery
  • Managing RepDB
    • RepDB Review
    • RepDB Managing Options
  • Restoring Backups
    • Backup Review
    • Restoring the System
  • Best Practices for Recovery Case Scenarios
    • Best Practices Before Recovery
    • Three Recovery Case Scenarios

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