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Operating a Cisco DTA Control System (DTACS)

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Detailed Course Outline

DTACS Fundamentals
  • Using DTAs to Provide Video
  • Managing DTAs with a DTACS
  • DTACS in DBDS Architecture

DNCS Settings for DTACS
  • Verifying DNCS Settings for DTACS
  • Modifying Source Definitions and Packages
  • Modifying Channel Maps

DTACS Operations
  • Viewing DTAs
  • Adding and Removing DTAs from the DTACS
  • Managing VCTs
  • Synchronizing Databases
  • Delivering Image Files to DTAs

DTACS Management
  • Managing Users for DTACS
  • DTA System Data
  • Understanding Processes on the DTACS Server
  • Exploring Tiered Services and SCP
  • Examining DTA Diagnostics

Broadcast Service Groups in v1.2
  • Using BSGs for DTAs

Lab Outline

  • Lab Tour 1-1: Lab Tour with DTAs
  • Lab 2-1: DNCS Provisioning
  • Lab 3-1: DTACS Provisioning
  • Lab 3-2: DTA Images
  • Lab 4-1: DTACS User Management
  • Lab 4-2: Exploring Tiered Services and SCP: Creating Packages with Sources Needing SCP
  • Lab 4-3: Exploring Tiered Services and SCP: Adding Packages to a New VCT

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