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Check Point Advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems (AIPS)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Configure the IPS Software Blade
  • Test the Security Policy and Demonstration Tool
  • Test the IPS Functionality
  • Change IPS Policy Enforcement
  • Deploy Geo Protection in IPS
  • Modify Anti-Spoofing settings
  • Test IPS Geo Protection features
  • Test the Default_Protection profile
  • Define a new Profile
  • Identify attacks with SmartEvent Viewer
  • Download and install IPS protections
  • Use the IPS follow-up protection review process
  • Manually update the IPS Protections on the gateway to the most current available
  • Download and install IPS Protections
  • Follow up with IPS Protections Review
  • Configure, enable and test IPS Troubleshooting mode
  • Modify and test the Bypass Under Load Settings
  • Configure Protection Engine settings
  • Identify Top Events and Protections
  • Modify Protections to defend against common attacks
  • Debug the logging mechanism
  • Configuring Protection Engine Settings
  • Use debug to gather IPS statistics
  • Use tcpdump to identify the source of an attack
  • Modify protections to prevent attack source
  • View Security Gateway messages

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