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Administering HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions (HK935)

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Lab Topology

Lab 1 - Finding and Using HP Resources
  • Locate information about the HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Find tools and demonstrations for the HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Find and use the documentation for the HP Converged Infrastructure
Lab 2 - HP Converged Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Access HP Matrix Operating Environment (OE) Central Management Server (CMS) and configure or review system links and home page view
  • Perform a discovery or verification of managed systems
  • Create CMS users, toolbox, and authorizations
  • Create enhanced reports
  • Configure VMware vCenter settings
  • Register vCenter and monitor virtual machines (VMs) and hosts
  • Create a backup of a VM
  • Create a VM template
  • Deploy a new VM from a template

Lab 3 - Using HP Infrastructure Orchestration Designer
  • Design a template using HP infrastructure orchestration (IO)
  • Configure template options using HP IO

Lab 4 - Using the HP Infrastructure Orchestration Self-Service Portal
  • Use the HP Matrix infrastructure orchestration (IO) Self-Service Portal
  • Create, monitor, and approve service requests

Lab 5 - Viewing HP Power Management Demonstrations
  • Log on to the HP Solution Demo Portal (SDP)
  • View HP power management demos on the portal

Lab 6 - Using Insight Control Power Management
  • Configure HP Insight Control 7.x power management
  • Gather power information
  • Monitor licensed servers with power management
  • Run a power management report

Lab 7 - Configuring and Using HP Insight Control
  • Server Migration Functionality
  • Perform a physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration on a source Microsoft Windows server to a target virtual machine on a VMware ESX host

Lab 8 - HP Converged Infrastructure Optimization
  • Verify firmware versions of hardware components using HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) and the HP Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK)
  • Create a server documentation using HP SIM
  • Manage virtual server documentation and performance using VMware vCenter
  • Monitor and manager virtual server performance using HP Insight Control

Lab 9 - Troubleshooting HP Converged
  • Infrastructure Components
  • Troubleshoot HP Converged Infrastructure components

Lab 10 (Optional) - Configuring and Using HP Insight
  • Control Server Deployment
  • Add deployment operating systems to an HP Insight Control Server deployment installation
  • Activate HP Insight Control server deployment
  • Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with scripting


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