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HP Matrix Operating Environment: Infrastructure Orchestration Integration (HK916)

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Lab Topology

Lab 1
  • Viewing IO Online Demonstrations
  • Downloading HP Matrix Operating Environment Documentation

Lab 2
  • Configuring your assigned VM
  • Configuring Infrastructure Orchestration resources
  • Creating and configuring an IO organization
  • Configuring organization resources
  • Provisioning physical servers
  • Troubleshooting

Lab 3
  • Using the IO Integration Interfaces
  • Examining IO Web Services
  • Using the Chargeback CLI

Lab 4
  • Installing OO Studio
  • Exploring OO Studio

Lab 5
  • Authoring your first workflow

Lab 6
  • Building a CaptureXML workflow
  • Customizing the output filename
  • Modifying the output filename
  • Parsing XML with XSLT

Lab 7
  • Installing the Cloudmap Solution


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