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Introduction to HP ProLiant Servers (HE643)

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Lab Topology

Lab 0: Navigating the HPVL training environment
  • Access the HP Virtual Lab (HPVL) environment and identify the components on the HPVL for course exercises
  • Exit the HPVL environment

Lab 1: Using HP ProLiant website resources
  • Locate documentation for your HP ProLiant Gen8 server and navigate the HP Customer Self-Repair Services Media Library

Lab 2: Using HP integrated Lights-Out 4
  • Describe the key features of the HP integrated Lights-Out (iLO) 4 web user interface (UI)
  • Differentiate the capabilities of the two main graphical consoles of the Integrated Remote Console (IRC)

Lab 3: Configuring servers using Option ROM
  • Configure systems by using the ROM-based setup utility (RBSU)
  • Configure HP integrated Lights-Out (iLO) 4 by using the iLO RBSU
  • Configure a logical drive by using the Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA)

Lab 4: Setting up systems with HP Intelligent Provisioning
  • Configure the HP Intelligent Provisioning functionality
  • Configure a logical drive by using the HP Smart Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
  • Describe the functionality of the HP Intelligent Provisioning maintenance menu options

Lab 5: Provisioning systems
  • Explain how to perform a Microsoft Windows server installation using HP Intelligent Provisioning
  • Describe how to manage HP Intelligent Provisioning (IP) Deployment Settings Packages

Lab 6: Updating systems
  • Explain how to download the HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) ISO file from the HP website
  • Explain how to use the HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) to manage target server updates
  • Describe how to create HP SUM reports
  • Explain how to use HP SUM to install an SPP
  • Explain how to reinstall HP Intelligent Provisioning on an updated HP ProLiant server

Lab 7: Configuring continuous system monitoring
  • Describe the functionality of the Agentless Management Service (AMS) on a running Microsoft Windows server
  • Identify key features of the HP System Management Homepage (SMH) and HP Insight Diagnostics
  • Explain how to use the HP Lights-Out Online Configuration (HPONCFG) utility
  • Explain how to use the HPONCFG command line interface (CLI) to configure HP integrated Lights-Out (iLO)

Lab 8: Managing remote control and provisioning
  • Explain how to use the CPQLOCFG Utility with command line interface (CLI) scripts to remotely configure HP integrated Lights-Out (iLO)
  • Explain how to use the Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) Command Line Protocol (CLP) with PuTTY to manage the iLO
  • Describe how to perform a remote installation of the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system using IP Deployment Settings with Remote Insight Board Command Language (RIBCL) XML scripts


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