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DNA Center (DNAC) and SD Access Implementation Workshop (TNI-DNAWS)


Lab Topology

Note: Labs are run on the most up to date software and equipment, DNAC version 1.3 and ISE version 2.6

Day 1

  • Lab 1: Configure DNA Center Design
  • Lab 2: Automate Network Using DNA Center
  • Lab 3: DNA Center Telemetry Collection and REST API
  • Lab 4: Verify Hardware and Software Integrity

Day 2 and 3

  • Lab 1: Configure Corporate Wired Access using SDA and Segmentation
  • Lab 2: SD-Access Overly with ISE
  • Lab 3: Provision the WLC to the SD-Access FABRIC
  • Lab 4: DNA Center to Provision SSID
  • Lab 5 Guest Access
  • Lab 6 DNA Assurance
  • Lab Stealthwatch with ETA