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Azeti IoT Enablement

Enterprise customers are driving demand for IoT solutions that impact their current businesses, but IT vendors, system integrators and value added resellers have concerns as building an IoT practice is not an easy task, given different sales cycles, new buyer types and more complex ROI models.

Fast Lane and azeti: Rapid IOT adoption through a powerful package of solutions, services and education.

Fast Lane and azeti have formed a powerful partnership focused on bringing the power of IoT into traditional IT organizations. IT vendors and system integrators traditionally focus on infrastructure solutions for their customers, but with disruptors like cloud, mobility, analytics and social media, it is time for these companies to find new ways into relevance with their customers. IoT offers that potential, but it can require that a vendor / integrator take substantial risks in order to build out the appropriate competencies and offerings. azeti and Fast Lane reduce that risk dramatically.

azeti Networks is a global provider of IoT technology to a variety of verticals including telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance and healthcare. azeti’s solution works in multiple IoT vendor solution stacks and helps businesses manage and monitor their complex infrastructures, enabling them to operate at the highest level of efficiency while maintaining operations continuity.

Jump Start Sales and Deployment

Fast Lane’s Managed Enablement™ services assist vendors and system integrators in bringing IoT solutions powered by azeti Networks to market, providing a jump start to sales and deployment. These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, driving rapid IoT practice development for vendors and System Integrators.

  • IoT Awareness Webinars: Fast Lane and azeti have collaborated to produce awareness webinars addressing various use cases relevant to the IoT Asset Management solution, customizable to meet your particular vertical targets and go-to-market approach. Fast Lane’s expert facilitators work with you to tailor the message and then deliver the webinar authoritatively, representing your organization. Awareness webinars help generate interest with your customers as they just begin their IoT Journey and opens their minds to unimagined opportunities.
  • IoT Roadshow: Fast Lane experts bring your IoT solution message to your customers through a roadshow program, typically 1 day in length (business decision makers typically attend the morning session while technical decision makers typically attend the morning and the afternoon session). The roadshow deliveries are tailored to your customers business and technical decision-makers and focus on connecting solutions capabilities to common customers’ care-abouts and desired business outcomes. They demonstrate how connecting remote assets saves money and time through predictive analytics, provides visibility with real-time sensor-level awareness, and extends the life, value and performance of the asset.
  • IoT Test Drive: Fast Lane’s IoT Test Drive program is an essential component of our sales acceleration services, allowing vendors, resellers and system integrators to demonstrate the value proposition and ROI of IoT solutions to their key customer accounts. A Test Drive (or proof of concept event) provides technical decision makers with a deep-dive learning experience that focuses on a specific IoT solution addressing a particular vertical use case. After attending the azeti Asset Management Test Drive, most if not all of your customer’s questions and concerns will have been answered and your customers will have an appreciation of the operational and business value that can be achieved by implementing a specific set of solutions. In other words, a Test Drive is a means of closing sales through learning.
  • IoT Customer Engagement Workshop: In case the solution / use case for a particular customer is not that obvious, our Customer Engagement Workshop can be used to map the azeti IoT solution portfolio to your customer’s particular needs, use cases and business realities. The workshop identifies your customer’s current pain points and clearly connects the value the customer is looking to create to the capabilities of the azeti solution portfolio. We help your customers’ various stakeholders align desired business outcomes and demonstrate how an azeti IoT Asset Management solution will meet their requirements, including ROI and proof of value analysis.
  • IoT Mentored Install: This service is a special derivative of staff augmentation. It consists of one or more on-site design and deployment workshops including related knowledge transfer and additional mentoring once the workshops have been completed. The purpose of these workshops is to help you deploy azeti Asset Management solutions with expert assistance in a controlled (mentored) environment thus optimizing your investment in technology, time to deploy and effectiveness of the implementation. The service is an essential part of Managed Enablement™ as it helps to jump start deployment once the sale has been booked.
  • IoT Pros 4 Hire / Staff Augmentation: Fast Lane experts in all geographic regions are here to support critical parts of your IoT Solution Sales Cycle. This includes Account Managers (AM), Pre-Sales Engineers (SE) and Solution Architects (SA) trained at selling and designing azeti IoT Asset Management solutions. Whatever the gap, we apply deep experience and passion to help you close the deal and bring the value of IoT to your customers.

Fast Lane offers comprehensive educational services, addressing the complete life cycle from driving awareness to operating and troubleshooting a particular solution. All our educational offerings are designed to augment our Managed Enablement™ services, helping vendors and system integrators to build a practice around a set of solutions and helping system integrators or customers to operate, troubleshoot and maximize the value of a particular solution. azeti Networks delivers solutions in close partnership with various IT vendors. Therefore, our educational services related to azeti solutions are typically customized for a particular IT vendor, e.g. Cisco Asset Management.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Sales Enablement for Account Managers
  • Sales Enablement for System Engineers
  • Solutions Design
  • Implementation Training for Field Engineers
  • Implementation Training for Developers
  • Operations & Maintenance Training
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
IoT Program Development