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Palo Alto Networks New PAN-OS 8.0

May 3, 2017

Not only did Palo Alto release the latest OS version earlier this year but they also took the opportunity to revamp their course offerings which I’d like to talk about in this blog.

With the release of OS 8.0 Palo Alto have chosen to combine the old ‘Install, Configure, and Manage’ (EDU-201) and the ‘Configure Extended Features’ (EDU-205) and ‘Manage Cyberthreats’ (EDU-231) into one 5 day course ‘’ (EDU-210). The EDU-210 course is not just a aggregation of all the slides form the previous 3 classes but a complete rewrite and revamp of the old courses, and obviously also includes many of the new features of the new OS-8.0, allowing students attending the class to not only learn about the power of the Palo Alto firewall but also get hands on lab access to familiarise themselves with the new OS 8.0.

I’ve been in the security field as both a consultant and systems instructor for over 17 years now, working with multiple vendors and from the ground up this is not your average firewall, as it is the first real true application firewall, In saying that any firewall engineer with previous, other vendor experience, other vendor experience will really need to get a good understanding of how the Palo Alto firewall functions in order to get the full benefits out of this remarkable firewall. So many times I’ve seen firewall engineers migrate from another vendor to Palo Alto and simply get it wrong, as they still trying to configure an old fashioned layer 3-4 firewall which this is not.

Education of this product is therefore valuable to any corporation who has decided to invest in the product, and wants to get the full potential out of the firewall. The new EDU-8.0 course will be well worth the investment, providing the systems engineers with the relevant knowledge and hands on experience to go back to work with not only knowledge and understanding of the firewall, but also confidence in converting the companies security requirements into the firewalls configuration, and the ability to use the many reporting and logging features to gain unprecedented visibility into exactly what is happening in the company.

Accompanying the new EDU-210  class, Palo Alto have also now released the ‘Accredited Configuration Engineer’ (ACE) Exam, which is a no cost self-paced exam online, providing students with not only an entry level certification at no cost, but also provides great preparation for the industry’s recognised premier Palo Alto certification the PCNSE ‘Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer’.

So if your company has just purchased, or plans to migrate across to the Palo Alto firewall education should be part of the budget as this once again is not your average firewall.




Gabriel Bryson
Fast Lane Lead Security Expert

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